The Power of your Brand Defenders

In marketing we talk a lot about converting our customers to advocates.  The NPS score asks how likely a customer is to “recommend” a product or service to others.  We assume that this informs us on how well our brand is mentioned among private conversations.  I want to share an example that I came across today.  The image below is of a conversation that took place among dog walkers in my area.  

The conversation starts with someone that is unhappy with Nationwide Pet Insurance.  This customer feels cheated after paying for the insurance only to have it not cover them when they needed it.  This is not good for the Nationwide Pet Insurance brand.  Nationwide Pet Insurance was not tagged, and the company didn’t chime into the conversation.  This thread continued with customers questioning the value of Pet Insurance.  

Within one hour of the original post, someone that has a contrary and favorable experience with Nationwide Pet Insurance chimes in with her perspective.  “I have Nationwide for my dog and it has been great”.  One comment from a brand advocate changed the tone of the conversation.  

Brand advocates wield a lot power.  This is a good example of a brand conversation that took place without the brand’s involvement.  The advocates you create today will help you tomorrow.  

What are you doing with your brand to create Brand Defenders? 

World Usability Day 2013 is here!

WUDToday is World Usability Day. The theme for this year is; Healthcare: Collaborating For Better Systems.
There are activities planned around the world to celebrate usability.  I am going to attend my local Connecticut Usability Professionals Association meeting tonight at Manchester College (Click here for more info).  The main talk will be from Mad*Pow’s Chief Experience Officer, Amy Cueva.

Google Launches, Consumer Surveys

Image representing SurveyMonkey as depicted in...
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Another interesting tool from Google.  If you create surveys using tools like Survey Monkey one of the challenges that you face is recruiting people to take your survey.  With Google Consumer Insights, google manages finding the right respondents.  The cost can be as low as $0.10 per response which makes this solution very appealing.  As with other Google solutions, the tool interface is clean and easy to use AND it has all the segmentation power of Google behind it so targeting your survey to the right demographic couldn’t be easier or more powerful.  

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