Starting a new category: Great Books

I love reading, I love my Kindle and I try to keep two books going at all times. The first book is something related to my professional life. The second book is something fun, a mystery, spy, sci-fi story.

Using the kindle has a great benefit of being able to highlight any text in my books and it syncs to the cloud. They give you a link that contains all your books and the notes you have selected.

The above image is my notes from Fanocracy that I am currently reading. What I am going to do it a post for each book once I am done reading it and I will share my notes and the connections/ideas that they spark.

How The “Thank You” Economy Can Boost Your Bottomline…

This is an interesting article on the “Thank You” economy.  It is the world we have at the moment and the brands that are doing this right have an advantage.  A great book on the subject is Gary Vaynerchuk’s “The Thank You Economy” – a great book that I highly recommend you get the enhanced version.  The enhanced version has great videos from Gary.

How The “Thank You” Economy Can Boost Your Bottomline…