Online collaboration tool (Bonus if you are an Evernote user)

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.09.31 PMA new site/tool is launching to help teams collaborate on projects. is tackeling the challange of working together and staying organized at the same time.

The basics:

  • COSTS:  The site is easy to use and for 5 live projects it is FREE.  I like FREE, I need to test something out before I shell out any money.  The first thing that I found very appealing about the site is that they are bringing together tools that I already use.  A sure way to win me over isn’t my replacing my tools, but making my tools better and that is what they seem to have done here.
  • EVERNOTE:  I live in EverNote.  With LiveMinutes you can connect your EverNote.  This means that notes I have in EverNote are integrated into the system, NOT easy to import, but rather, right there in the system without me having to go hunting.  Then edits made to EverNotes are synced back to my notebooks.
  • CHAT:  The middle pane is the chat area where anyone who is working on the project can chat, or leave messages for other members to see when they come back into the system.
  • VIDEO:  You can turn on your webcam and the video image replaces your profile photo.  It does not take up all the screen space but stays nice and small where it should be.
  • AUDIO:  If you need to ‘talk’ with the team you can enable the microphone.  What I love is that you don’t have to.  If you are working and don’t need to be talking you don’t have to.  However, if you want you can enable the ‘conference line’ and everyone can dial into a conference call.
  • FILE SHARING/COMMENTING:  The system allows you to upload any file to the system that other users can view, edit and comment on, all within the the projects page.  If you are developing a presentation other team members can click on ANY element in the presentation and type in their comments or suggestions.

What’s Missing: 

  • They are working on deeper integration with Google Drive, DropBox and other services.  On the site it says these will be available soon.
  • Mobile app.  It would be nice to have an iPad and Andriod app.

I will be giving this a good workout with a few projects that I am working on right now.  I have a few internal projects that involve only coworkers and I have three larger projects that include vendors and outside consultants.