Fanocracy – Turning FANS into CUSTOMERS and CUSTOMERS into FANS

The book from David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott gives several examples from various generations and genres.

I purchased the book back in January and I have over 80 sections that I highlighted in the kindle app because they made me think in a new way or peeked my interest to explore something deeper. The book is a great back and forth across David and his daughter Reiko on several aspects of fandom.

“We call this act of consciously bringing people together through a shared endeavor a fanocracy: an organization or person that honors fans and consciously fosters meaningful connections among them.”

Fanocracy – David Meerman Scott

The idea of consciously bringing people through a shared endeavor lands with me personally because all day long I am bringing developers, project managers, clients and end users together…

“To succeed, we must become masters of seeing things from other people’s points of view and understanding how other people work independently from ourselves. A fan is who they are not because of a calculated, intellectual decision to follow something, but because of their passion, their emotion, and their sense of enjoyment.”

Fanocracy – David Meerman Scott

I have done a lot of work in Customer Success programs and we are always trying to connect with customers and align our brands with their needs and goals. This book has many take aways for every brand, you can use aspects of the examples to guide your efforts in small meaningful ways.

Starting a new category: Great Books

I love reading, I love my Kindle and I try to keep two books going at all times. The first book is something related to my professional life. The second book is something fun, a mystery, spy, sci-fi story.

Using the kindle has a great benefit of being able to highlight any text in my books and it syncs to the cloud. They give you a link that contains all your books and the notes you have selected.

The above image is my notes from Fanocracy that I am currently reading. What I am going to do it a post for each book once I am done reading it and I will share my notes and the connections/ideas that they spark.