The power of providing value quickly

I want to share a short interaction that I had today. In marketing and SaaS there is a lot of talk about time-to-value. How long does it take for a potential customer to get value from your solution?

In a private slack community that I am active in, Michelle posted a frustration that she was having with Facebook data.

Years ago I presented at a conference hosted by IMPACT branding and got to meet Peter Caputa who was starting the company DataBox. In the years since the conference, Peter and I have been twitter friends. Through Peter’s tweets about growing DataBox, their client obsession, and, my usage of their product, I was familiar enough with how it worked. I made the comment with the link to Michelle for her to check it out.

60 minutes later. That is one hour. Michelle went from a business problem, to exploration of, starting a trial, connecting her accounts, and, finally to a solution.

How long in terms of time and steps does it take for a potential customer to learn what you have to offer, then get value from you? Is it 60 min? Why not?

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