Engaging the community to update the Marketing Technology Landscape (2020 update)

There are thousands of technologies and agencies participating in the marketing industry. Every year the team at Marketing Land compiles a giant list of companies and puts them into a PDF and Infographic.


Trying to keep up with all the changes in the landscape is daunting and that is where the crowd comes in to help. As Scott Brinker says; “With the frothy M&A environment we’re in, we also miss mergers and acquisitions. We miss launches and pivots, where companies leap from one category to another. We miss name changes and logo changes (thank you, rebranders). And we miss the unfortunate endings of companies that drop into the martech deadpool.”

Martech 5000 from Marketing Land

Three ways to help

Contribute a new or updated martech vendor here.

Report an acquired or defunct martech vendor here.

Download the 2019 Excel spreadsheet here.

Let’s help get the landscape up to date

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