How do you talk about your customers?

Let’s take a look at a conversation that took place on Twitter.  As you read this, think about how your company talks about its customers.

The conversation to the write is:

  • Patrick wants to know why he should get YouTubeTV.  
  • YouTube TV does not say why – they reply that their “fam” will do the talking for them.  
  • Andrew (a member of “the fam”) chimes in with his reasons.  And, mentions why he is no longer with a competing service (DISH)
  • DISH decides to respond with a corporate statement about providing good customer service.  
Notice that when DISH talks about “our customers” it is cold and distant.  When YouTubeTV talks about their customers they call them “fam”.  
Related Impact:  When others read this, what will their impression of YouTubeTV and DISH be? IMO it shows that YouTubeTV is confident in their offering and encourage their customers to advocate for them.   DISH, on the other hand, chose to enter the conversation with a disingenuous answer.

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