HelloFresh – it isn’t your fault, but it is your problem.

The old saying in customer service rang true for me recently – It isn’t your fault, but it is your problem. My family has been enjoying the home meal service, HelloFresh for months.  We started with Blue Apron.  At first we enjoyed the fancy meals and cooking with ingredients that we had never used before.  After a few shipments from Blue Apron the kids didn’t love the menu so we decided to give HelloFresh a try.  Same concept, but different menu.  The first few months were great.  The menu was great, food quality was great.  We began to depend on our Tuesday delivery and would factor two nights of family meals from HelloFresh into our grocery shopping.  

The first problem was two weeks ago.  Tuesday came and no delivery.  Calling customer service resulted in the response that they don’t know what happened but it would not happen again.  The thing is, NO attempt to get the delivery made, just an apology and assurance that it will not happen again.  Then, this week the same thing.  NO delivery. 

I called at 7pm to find out what was wrong (the box had normally been delivered around 1pm-2pm).  I was told that the delivery service had until 8pm and their tracking still showed my dinner was out for delivery.  8pm comes no delivery, 9pm no delivery.  At 10pm the shipper (a company called DiCom) says that the package was delivered at 2pm.  IT WAS NOT delivered.  

HelloFresh has a great product, that wasn’t the problem.  Their choice of suppliers is what cost them the business.  

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