Do you Drive or Guide?

 A driver gets you to the destination.  A guide enhances the journey to the destination.
A driver gets you to the destination.  A guide enhances the journey to the destination.

It is important to look at your processes from the customers point of view.  One thing that I always look for is are we DRIVING or are we GUIDING.  It may seem subtle, but it is important to understand which you are doing and which is appropriate for the situation.  In customer success there are times when you want to drive the customer to a solution.  This is commonly used with support requests.  The client would like to have the issue solved, they are unable to solve it on their own and they would like to know that you can take care of them.  I do a lot of work training new users on software and in that situation it is important to switch styles to a guide.  It is important that the client is an active participant and engaged in the journey.  

In your marketing funnel there are also times when you will want to drive and other times where it will be better to guide.  Outside the funnel you want to drive the user to your landing page and information.  Advertising and social content should drive users at the end into your solution.  Once engaged in your solution you want to switch to a guide so that users can see themselves or see their solution in your product or service.  Another example is when you are on initial calls or meetings.  It is important to drive the start to get to the the heart of their need/pain/problem and then smoothly segue to a guide so that you can uncover the specifics to that clients need/pain/problem and guide them through how your product/service can help them to have a better tomorrow with you.   

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