Sometimes you will get crapped on

We are having a very mild fall in New England so yesterday we took some time and the family went apple picking.  When we got to the orchard there were tons of people that had the same idea.  Despite a little concern that the crowds were going to get all the good apples we decided to give it a go.  As we were walking in, I felt a knock on the top of my head, but then it was warm….  yep, a bird shit on me.  Not a little either, but a direct hit on top of my head.  My wife was kind enough to stop laughing long enough to use a napkin and kind of clean most of it out.  It was a nasty way to start, but I was not going to give up.  We hiked to the top and wandering down we found a section that was ripe and ready.  The moral of the story is, sometimes when you start something you might get shit on…  wipe the crap off your head and keep going, the sweet fruit in the end will be worth it.  

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SaaS Growth is my job, understanding consumer behavior and creative problem solving fuels my curiosity. Striving to be a good father and husband is my journey.