Do you clean up your digital garbage?


Taking out the trash is a chore.  In our homes, we take out the garbage to keep a tidy home.  What about our digital garbage.  As you can see from the snippet, we are creating 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every day.  While this sounds like an amazing amount of information, I am wondering how much of it is crap.  When was the last time you cleaned up an old digital account?  Do you close your online account and delete the data or do you just move on?  When you no longer use an online account and then don’t close the account or communicate to the vendor they are stuck with your digital trash.   

I got an email today from Optimum informing me of a change to their email system.  

Starting May 13, 2016, if you haven’t accessed your Optimum Online email account for 90 days, your email account and its contents will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. This change only impacts your Optimum Online email account. Your access to using your Optimum ID will not be affected.

— Optimum Customer Service Email

When you get cable internet or heck internet service from anyone these days they all offer a bunch of FREE email accounts.  The account was setup automatically and there was no way to deny it.  Now Cablevision/Optimum is stuck with all these user accounts and undoubtedly lots and lots of junk mail and spam that is filling up the unused accounts.  Bravo to Optimum for taking a step to clean up some of the digital garbage.  Can you think of one or two accounts that you don’t use anymore?  Why not take a few minutes to go and delete those old accounts? 

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