Is your content strategy inaccessible?

Do you create hurdles for readers to jump through?

Is your content strategy inaccessible?  I don’t know what some brands are thinking.  They post all over the social-sphere (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and then they pull the trigger on sponsored posts which simply means that they are paying to develop the content, then they are paying someone to blast post it, then they are paying the networks to extend the reach.  All of this is to do what?  Get me to click right?  Go and read what they have to say.  BUT when I do click (which they pay for), I am not taken to the content, I am taken to a SIGNUP page.  If I want to read their post I have to become a member.  

Lopsided Relationship from the start?

I have nothing against becoming a member, signing up for your updates or something, but this is the start of a relationship and you want my Name, Address, City, State, Zip, County, Email, Company, Title, Number of Employees before I can see if I even see this one post?!  Before I even know if I care what you have written.  That is very lopsided, I give you all my details, become a member of your list, have to fill out more forms if I ever want to get off your list and what do I get?  I get to read your post.

Do your tactics help or harm your strategy?

It is extremely important, in all areas, but specifically in the content space to test out the user experience.  If you tweet something, go to twitter click your own link and see what happens.  Then ask yourself, what would I do/provide/signup for to read this?   

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