Tim Cook says he will not combine a MacBook and iPad, but they already have

 iPad Pro with Logitech case on LEFT and MacBook Pro on the RIGHT
iPad Pro with Logitech case on LEFT and MacBook Pro on the RIGHT

The Verge has a report that Tim Cook has stated that Apple will not combine a MacBook and the iPad.  Here is a link to the Verge article.  

When traveling:  The iPad Pro for me is a portable replacement.  I am very happy to travel with one charging cable (lightning) that charges both my iPhone and iPad.

All about the Apps:  The iPad Pro functionality has mostly to do with the power of the apps that you need and the apps that are available.  For me I need at the ready; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Canva, Email, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Chrome, iMessages and Skype. The iPad has great versions of all these apps.  

All about the FOCUS:  For me, when I am working on my MacBook, I notice that I have tons of apps, windows, chats all open at one time.  I have an email 1/2 done, a word doc 1/2 done and then a notification comes in and I am using gestures to swtich between things.  I have only been using the iPad Pro for two days, but I find it very comfortable using iOS, by having all the apps in full screen I am able to focus on the task at hand. 



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