When your product does not evolve

With all of the changes going on in the software world sometimes, your product can’t evolve.  That is what happened to our friends over at screenr.  I was notified today at as of November 11th screenr would be shutting down.  As you can read in the email below, their technology relied on Java RE and in their own words is antiquated. Reliance on a third party technology for the basis of your solution is fundamentally risky.  Don’t get me wrong there are tons of advantages to using a popular technology base.  In many cases you can get your solution built faster and you are able to reach a wider audience.  

Evolve or Die

In order to keep your product current it is important to always have a plan B and plan C ready for shifts in technology and consumer behaviors.  I will miss screenr and wish them well in the future.  Sometimes things just have to go away.  Unlike the walking dead technologies that are still holding onto FLASH. 

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