6 examples of Squirrel Marketing Strategy


Run, Run, Run, grab a nut here – burry a nut there.  Squirrels run all over grabbing a nut where they can find them.  And you know what?  It kinda works.  You can run all over your market doing a little here and a little there and it will kinda work.  In 2015 there are so many potential customers, so many methods to reach people that if you run around like a squirrel the odds are good that you are going to get a nut.  If you take enough shots in the dark you are going to hit something.
Some examples of squirrel marketing are:
  1. starting a blog and not developing a content plan
  2. creating a Facebook page and not having an audience plan, creating one post that no-one sees and then judging the platform
  3. creating a twitter account, using a hash tag once and wondering why your customers don’t use it
  4. putting a QR code on anything (buy the book)
  5. creating a landing page and not having any audience generation or conversion systems in place
  6. going to one meet-up in your market/space and trying to sell the entire room your product/service
The two big, huge problems with this are; 1. you can’t scale it and 2. you don’t have measures in place to tell you what is and is not working.  Marketing like a squirrel is different than testing channels to see which fits best.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t try new things and some of the new things that you try are not going to be right for your brand…  but you should clean up your digital garbage when you are done.  Sometimes not cleaning up can create a big brand oops.  Just last week there was a story on how a QR code on Heinz ketchup now directs to a hardcore porn site.  heinz bad  (Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/19/8811425/heinz-ketchup-qr-code-porn-site-fundorado)
If you are going to test a channel, then fully test it.  Understand why you are exploring, Plan what you are going to do and how you are going to measure.  Then if it works, well, rock it.  If it doesn’t work then break down your test, clean up and remove everything so that you are not leaving brand clutter around the internet.

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