Show you care by going Native in Marketing

One of my favorite one liners is from @unmarketing, “it’s like sending a mannequin to a networking event”.  That is what we are doing when we create social content and then spray the same post in every channel.  I am surprised at the volume of marketing spend and effort that goes into NOT engaging with an audience.  Social allows marketers to get closer to their audience than ever.
No one joins a social network to hear from your brand.  Think about it, when you create an account on a social site, what drove you there?  Why did you join?  Was it because you had a deep desire to see the ad that Ford created?  Users join social networks for many reasons and when you talk to People you will find that many have ONE network that they use most.  Some have two, and then wackos like me have 30.  Want to do some fun social research, talk to your market about the social networks people use.  Really listen and you will hear the aspects of the network that they value.

Not all Social Media is created equal.  Facebook is very different from Twitter and LinkedIn is not the same as Instagram.  Heck, Periscope isn’t the same as Meerkat.  They are all different and that is the point.  Each social ecosystem has its own way of sharing information.

There is no such thing as a neutral brand interaction.  Every time your brand is seen, touched, interacted with, the brand impression is either positively or negatively impacted.  Use the native tool to engage with the selected network to avoid a social media faux pas.  For example, if you are going to post on Facebook.  Follow their rules for posting, use links appropriately and images within guidelines.  Don’t have your Facebook post automatically tweet your post.  Why, because your tweet will look stupid.  It will not follow the social norms for twitter.  If you don’t care enough about your content to make sure that it looks (and functions properly) why, why, why should your audience?  The same goes for all other social media networks you are using for your brand.  By going native, you are communicating to the audiences system one level that you care about them, their choices, their preferred means of absorbing information.  That my friends is good marketing.

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