The Product Group Meetup

The Product Group January 2014 - The Product Group (New York, NY) - Meetup.clipularTonight is the monthly meetup of the Product group.  The Product Group is a monthly gathering and from the page “An opportunity for Product Managers, Strategists,etc., to come together to meet, interact, and network. The ideal environment within which sharing and learning can flourish and complement the knowledge base for all on a peer to peer basis.

The group is led by Jeremy Horn.  Jeremy leads active conversations about all things Product.  Some nights we cover how people are using Agile or Waterfall product development methodologies and what challenges and benefits members have experienced.  On other nights we discuss all things roadmapping.  What items make it to the roadmap, what things don’t.  We covered how consumer input sought, translated and incorporated into product development.

For marketing professionals the group is a brilliant insight into the challenges that product teams experience in evolving products down product roadmaps.  For researchers it is fascinating to hear all the areas where usability, consumer insight, big data, survey data, ethnography are used to refine product plans and feature releases.  If you are in Marketing, Product Management, Brand Management or Research AND you can get to Times Square this is a must attend event.  Head over to the meetup page and join the 318 people that are registered for tonight, HERE IS THE LINK

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