Enjoying the cloud freedom

After years of relying on Apple laptops (Powerbook 165, 1400, G3, G4, MacBook, MacBook Air) I have moved to the Chromebook Pixl and all I can say is WOW.  OK, I can say more than wow.  I long ago made the commitment to Google (Gmail, Google Voice, Google Cal, Docs, and Drive).  That made the switch to Chomebook so easy.  

Getting a new laptop ready used to take a few days to get all my info into the new machine, configure my email, favorites, printers, etc…  This thing, comes out of the box, you input your google name and password and you are done.  

Existing on two machines.  Anyone that uses two computers (laptop and desktop) know that it can be a pain to have them in “sync”, not with this.  When I get on any computer, sign into my Google account everything is the same as it was on the laptop.  

Video and Photo limitations do exist.  I have over 25,000 photos in my iphoto library and over 6 terrabites of video in my iTunes library.  There is also a lot of video files for Camtasia that I use.  The video editing capability just isn’t there in Chrome yet.  Photos in Google+ might be able to take over iPhoto.  I will let you know if I find a cloud video service that provides the editing and publishing horsepower that I need.  

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