Small businesses can’t hide

Today even if you have a small local, one town business; you can’t neglect your brands online reputation.  It will effect sales.  Today is another example of neglecting your online brand.
The garage door opener on my house is not working and I need to get a new one.  Garage door openers last a long time so there is a gap of years between purchases.
As with most consumers I googled my town name and garage door.  After the paid search ads the first site that comes up is Garage Door Center.  There is a map, phone number, link to their site, and ONE REVIEW.  The review is two years old and is VERY negative.  The problem is that the reviewer talks about having an ongoing problem with this company for over 7 months!  There is no response from the company to their complaint.  No acknowledgment that there was a problem and they did what they needed to solve it.  Nothing.  What will they get from me?  Nothing.  No call, no email, no visit to their site, nothing.  Well, OK, they do get this blog post.
The moral to this post is that you need to be minding your online brand reputation no matter how small or local you think your business is.

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