Keep Google Reader alive

Google Reader is going to shut down

First Reaction

My first reaction was NOOOO (Thank you Scott Stratten for the Instant No Button).  I have been using Google Reader for years.  I use it several times a day.  What will I do now that Google is closing its RSS doors?  I will try out new sites and services to meet my needs.  Thankfully the market is prepared to react.  
Sites that are quick to respond to the need include:
  1. Feedly 
  2. NewsBlur
  3. Prismatic 
  4. Digg (announced they have something in the works)

Upon Further Thought

The petition to keep Google Reader alive has reached 96,331 this morning.  Only 24 hours after the announcement I am excited to see what the other services have to offer.  There are two main feature sets that I am looking for.  
RSS for Industry News and Research 
In this category I need a new service to have easy buttons for me to share feeds with EverNote and Pocket.  
RSS for Social Media Sharing
I need the new service to be able to easy share posts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.  
I wonder how this will effect services like zite that are based off Google reader ?
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