Facebook Talks about their Graph Search

Facebook today announced their efforts in what they are calling Graph Search.  At the start of the announcement Mark Zuckerberg mentioned; “To give you a sense of how much work this is, already today across all of our data centers 10 percent of CPU capacity is spent computing privacy checks.” That is a lot of effort to maintain the privacy settings of over a Billion users.  Mark Zuckerberg reiterated the three pillars of the Facebook ecosystem.  1. News Feed – whats going on with people around me, 2. Timeline – tell me something about this person 3. Graph Search – what about places my friends have been or liked?  

Users Fear NOT 

Facebook isn’t going to rush into this as they did with timeline.  In the announcement Mr. Zuckerberg was clear that they will be rolling this out over the next few months and that users will be prompted for a privacy review of their settings before it is enabled.  

Small Business Should Fear A Little

If you have a small business, this is your warning.  Don’t put off setting up and building your Facebook page any longer.  There are about to be a Billion people that are going to be able to search for things like ‘pizza friends like in San Diego’, if you are not engaging now then you won’t make the list later.  From all reports that I have read the rankings is going to be based on the quantity and closeness of the relationship to the person searching.  What does that mean?  It means that NO SEO is going to help you.  What will help you is engaging on Social (Facebook) with your customers!  

Job Hunting? Recruiting and Management.

One of the examples that was given included a search like this; “people that work for XYZ Company”  to show me all the people that I am connected to that work or have worked for XYZ Company.  First this will help people to make a personal connection to a company that they think they want to work at.  Two, it will be a slight ding to LinkedIn as Facebook connections are closer relationships then LinkedIn.  Three, management will want to make sure that ex-employees speak well about the working conditions at your company or you could end up with a shrinking talent prospect pool.  


It was not covered in the announcement what effect this will have on brand pages.  Logically if you have a standard brand page, your content is ‘public’ and should show up fine in the new searches.  What impact will brands that have their content hidden behind a Like-Gate (you don’t get to see the content unless you ‘like’ the page) is just not clear at this time.  Will Brands be able to search for public mentions of their names?  That question is not clear yet.  I am sure after tomorrows talk of Open Graph things will get clearer.  

If you would like to sign up for the beta you can do so by clicking this link.  

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