Finally a tool to help cord cutters

While the financial benefits of cord cutting are easy, more money saved.  One of the challenges that I have found is that in a family of five, it can be hard to find something to watch.  Because we have streaming services including; Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOGO and of course pay streams like iTunes and Amazon it can be hard to find a show that the family wants to watch without having to go from service to service to see whats available.  

There is a site and iOS application called Matcha.  Matcha is easy to sign in using your Facebook authorization.  Then you just need to tell it what accounts you have.  You don’t need to give them your information just what you have.  It will then give you all kinds of information about what is available to you.  You can search for shows and movies and it will show you where to find it.  I like that I can easily turn OFF the purchase option and the system will show me only the shows/movies that I already have access to without having to pay more money.  

If you are a cord cutter or just someone that uses multiple streaming services this app is a must.  

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