What would happen if Siri started dating Watson?

What could happen if Siri started dating Watson?

In human relationships they say that opposities attract.  It would be great if that was also the case with computer systems.  I have been a Siri user before it was bought by Apple.  I have watched her grow up and I think that she is ready to start dating.  My choice for her would be IBM‘s eligible bachelor, Watson.

What does Siri bring to the relationship?  EYEBALLS  Siri is loaded on more devices and is accessible by simply holding down a button.  You couldn’t ask for easier access.  Most of the people that I talk to are not impressed with Siri.  They use her for simple tasks and simple lookups.  What Siri needs is real power.  Apple’s partnership with Yelp is nice, but it is no Google.  Even if Google and Apple could come to an understanding the problem is Google knows too much.  Something would have to be used to weed through all the information and only provide the most probable results.

That is where Watson comes in.  We all watched Watson do an impressive job on Jeopardy.  Since playing games like Jeopardy, Watson has gone onto medical school at the Cleveland Clinic.  What could Watson learn if he spent some time in Mountain View?

The combination of Watson and Siri could be a winning combination.

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