Move over Zite, Trap.It is here

I have been a daily user of Zite for years.  Zite is my goto source for new information that didn’t make my RSS feed.  I deal with story overlap and have come to embrace duplicate stories.  It tells me that I have covered all the main sources of information in the areas that I am interested in.  One drawback that I have been waiting for is that Zite on my iPad and iPhoneare in sync but there is no way to view my news on the laptop/desktop.  That is until Trap.It.  With Trap.It, I get all the news discovery of Zite with some pleasant bonuses.  First, there is a sync’d desktop client!  Second, I can enter any term that I want, not just the predefined terms that I am forced to use with Zite.  The app and site are new to me so I am not going to delete my Zite just yet.  I will post an update in two weeks and let you know if Trapit has the ability to replace Zite.  

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