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Get ready to Rock the Social Media Scene.  Lady Gaga has launched her own Social Media network.  Not content with the confines of other networks the amazing Gaga has created her own platform for her “Little Monsters” to rejoice in.  

This will be an interesting example of controlling the network around the brand.  It will be interesting to see how fast this network grows and if/when we can get stats from it.  As I am writing this there is no advertising on the site.  

They even did a text creation of Gaga in the code: (click here for image)

Everyone that participates on the site is asked to follow the ‘monster code’ which is: (Source:

The Monster Code

Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all monsters to gather, to create, to share, and to inspire. Remember, it’s up to us to keep a safe and accepting space for everyone, so please…

  • Be brave. Dare to create and share your art with the world.

  • Be kind. Encourage and support your fellow monsters. We don’t want to put anyone down, be it other Little Monsters or other artists.

  • Be tolerant. Never make anyone feel unwelcome or judged; treat everyone with respect, love and acceptance.

  • Be original. Please only upload content you’ve created or have permission to post.

  • Be a contributor. Post good content and good discussion will follow. Don’t ask for likes. Up-vote great comments, and down-vote those that take away from to the discussion (there is no room for negativity within

  • Be safe. Protect your privacy, and respect the privacy of others.

  • Be respectful. Keep things appropriate for everyone, including all of the young little monsters out there. Please no nudity or explicit content. If you repeatedly post content that offends the community, we may have to limit your access.

  • … be yourself.

If you see something that doesn’t belong on, please flag it so that it can be reviewed. It’s up to us to take care of our community.

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