Microsoft’s new So.Cl network…

Just in case you missed it, Microsoft has started a new social network (cause we didn’t have enough with Facebook, Twitter, Google+).  The new network is called So.Cl and is positioned as a social network for students (umm Facebook start copy).  

If you would like in on it, fill out the form (get this, with your Facebook cred) and they will email you when you can get in.  The site has more of a Google+ feel and according to Microsoft you can use it to share your online browsing experience.  They  highlight “Share Your Search”, but isn’t that what G+ and +1 already do?  

If this new tool is good for sharing your research and geared toward students, why is the age to get in 18?  Come on Microsoft, if you are going after students and want to build a new social media network, you need to let the young people into the party.  By the time kid is 18 they are already 5 years into their Facebook relationship.  

What do you think?  How long till it gets a million users?  Will the site launch and close in 2012?

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