Blogger’s have rights to!

There is a great post that I read this morning on about a brave blogger named Duane Lester.  You see, Duane wrote a blog post on a regional topic.  The local paper for Oregon, Missouri took the article and published it. They didn’t ASK permission, they didn’t give any credit to Duane for writing the piece.  AND, to make it more interesting they even published it with the typos (Duane fixed on his site).

The video shows a determined Duane calmly confronting the paper and submitting an invoice for the work.  I think that if the paper was honorable and up front contacted Duane and asked to reprint the story they most likely could have gotten permission for less then the $500 and could have added a good journalist to help them with contributions. 

Here is the Gizmodo link

Here is the Duane Lester link

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