Facebook Penalty: Care enough to post your very best!

Care enough to put out your very best.   If you use a tool that allows you to create a post and have it simultaneously deploy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.. you are showing all those networks that you don’t truly care about them.  You didn’t care enough to craft your message for the network you posted it on.  If you don’t care, why should the consumer/viewer?  It turns out they don’t care a lot, 234% less likes according to Hub Spot.  

Today over at hubspot there is a good article on the penalty for showing people on social media that you take short cuts.  My personal rule; Always engage on Social Media in the format of the network you are on.  It sounds simple, if you are on Twitter, then use twitter to create your posts.  There are tools out there like bit.ly and hootsuite that can help you craft your message and I don’t have a problem with them unless you are using these tools as a short cut.  Take the time to craft your message in each network that you engage on.  Show your fans, followers, circles that you truly care about the social conversation.  

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