socialcam & keek: aims to be the instagram of video

Instagram (Photo credit: iandavid)

The rise of sites like Pinterest and Instagram are focusing on photos and still images.  Now that everyone carries a smartphone and has a relatively good camera on them at all times means that more then ever before people can snap and share photos.  Two new site+app (s) are socialcam and keek.  They are aiming to get people to snap short video clips and share them.  Both apps are clean and make shooting and sharing video very easy.  My initial impressions are that socialcam is simple and clean.  It allows you to shoot and post videos easily.  Keek, is more evolved and socially connected.  While both sites are trying to drive engagement of ‘their’ network, Keek goes further into connecting all of your social channels (Google, Twitter, Facebook, even LinkedIn).  

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