Google to Sell Tablets on Its Own This Year

Good post by parislemon – I use google for most things, email, docs, search and I think there is a place for a good ‘google’ tablet.  If they can put google’s name on it and get the price point under $200, I would be willing to give it a go.  

The problem that I see in the Android store is that many of the application are built in very low quality and many are device specific.  If you don’t have the T-Mobile, or the samsung then you can’t install it and that is a huge problem when your competitor, the iPad can install ANYTHING that is in the App store.  Don’t show customers something they can’t buy!


Good luck with that.

The problem isn’t that Android tablets are hard to find, it’s that they suck. Google selling them directly won’t change that. The focus needs to be on the product, not the distribution method.

Given all the talk about how cheaply Google will sell these tablets (sub-$200), I’m not holding my breath for any semblance of non-suckage. 

Google to Sell Tablets on Its Own This Year

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