Want to get a little extra cash when you are out?

Example of an American grocery store aisle.
Example of an American grocery store aisle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have posted about other companies like AirRun and GigWalk before.  The latest one is a company called Field Agent.  With Field Agent you create a profile and then look for jobs in your area.  Many are tasks like, at the grocery store go to the cleaning isle and take a photo of the kitchen cleaners.  For this you will be paid $3.90.  

Other tasks: to the supermarket and take photos of Air Fresheners and Diapers.  Take a closeup of each brand and a far away shot of the whole area.  Take photos of any special displays.  For this task you can get paid $17.50.  

I don’t see this as being someone fulltime job.  BUT, if you are at the store anyway and you can help some marketing team out and grab a few bucks for the trouble why not.  I just signed up to be an agent so I will post more after I have done a few tasks.  

To get started, download the iphone application from the app store.

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