Why Brands Must Be Aware of Social Networks

There are a lot of news stories around the social web that highlight the need for brands to be on social networks.  I would like to offer the following image as yet another good reason why brands need to be involved.  Last night I had to run to CVS, as I go to check in I am alerted to the “tip” that was left 27 days ago, telling me to go to another pharmacy.  The tip warning me about the bad service has been available to everyone that has checked in there for the past month.  It will remain a negative ad, until CVS does something about it.  There was no followup tip left from CVS addressing this users concerns.  Some comments you can remove, others you can add to.  Depending on the social network the tactics are different.  The point is that CVS should do something!  Address this users concerns, post something that shows the social community that you care about your customers.  Here is the PAGE


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