Houston, Wahooly has a problem.

As an avid techie I participate in several beta programs for new websites that are trying to launch.  Not all launches go as expected and that seems to be the case of Wahooly.  Wahooly is going to be a way to track social interaction with brands.  It is going to measure engagement and interaction in the socialsphere.  When it launches. Last week the company opened up the beta to a wider audience and things did not go as planed.  

In an email to users this morning from Dana, Connor, Tony & Peter; “Therefore, we’ve decided to freeze activity on the site while we fix the errors that you’ve discovered and implement the improvements you’ve suggested. When we return, we will bring you a site that will be fully functional and hopefully provides you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.”  

Things happen.  If your brand communicates with sincerity and listens to your engaged users as Wahooly has then minor bumps in the road will be just that.  I can only speak for myself but when you have the issues resolved Wahooly, let me know and I will be glad to give the system another chance.   

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