Keywords are Sold Like Companies on the Stock Market

There is a good article posted on that asks the question; “Why Aren’t You Using Google AdWords”.  The author Marla Tabaka (@marlatabaka) frames the usage of AdWords to that of the old Yellow Pages.  In the old days of the yellow pages, companies would purchase ads once a year and the ad would be printed and books distributed to every address.  Today Google can tell you how many times people are searching for particular words.  For example, the word INSURANCE today is being searched 68 Million times per month.  Does this mean that you can pepper the word insurance around your site and you will get listed at the top of the search results?  No.  The top spots are sold.  Google makes north of 56 Billion dollars each year selling the top spots for words.  The entry position is making sure that your site is search engine optimized.  If you would like to know more you can download the starter guide from google.  After you have gotten your online house in order it is time to start buying the words that are most relevant to you.  This means designing your campaign and setting the monthly budget.  Keywords are sold on what is called Cost Per Click (CPC).  In the example of insurance the current rate is $10.97.  That means that each time someone clicks on your ad, google is going to charge you $10.97.  As people buy the word Insurance the rate will go up.  Currently the rate for ‘asbestos lawyer’ is $105.80.  This also only applies to Google.  I didn’t mention that you need to do the same thing for; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, etc…  If this is all too overwhelming you can hire people like me or Glenn at Charge Ahead Marketing to help you design, build, buy, and measure your ad campaigns.  

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